How it works

Open a Vazutrade account

Open a free Vazutrade account within 2 minutes. Ensure your details are accurate including your country. Depsoit options may vary based on your originating country. We offer demo accounts to enable prospective customers understand how it works first before funding their account with bitcoin.

Fund your account

Next step is to deposit money into your Vazutrade account from any cryptocurrency wallet of your choice. Our bitcoin address is found on the deposit section of your Vazutrade account. You can send Bitcoin to our bitcoin address from Paxful, Luno, Blockchain, Binance etc. We'll credit your Vazutrade account upon confirmation.

Start trading with Vazubot

Daily, the Vazubot initiates a buy or sell of bitcoin using 5% of your account balance at any price it chooses based on data. You are required to authorize a counter trade just by clicking a either buy or sell button. Just one trade is allowed daily. Vazutrade charges 25% commission of your profit on all trades.

Withdraw and refer friends

All your won trades is credited back to your wallet after we deduct 25% commission. You can withdraw to your crypto wallet and it will be processed instantly. You are allowed to make withdrawals once every 10 days. When you refer, we share the commission we charge on your referrals with you.