It's simple. Buy low, sell high


Earn over 25% profit monthly trading bitcoin with Vazubot

How it works

The vazubot

The bitcoin prices changes every second. We have developed proprietary software software using artificial intelligence called Vazubot. Thrice daily, Vazubot will buy BTC at a low price while instructing you to sell at a high price to lock in a profit and vice versa. On the average, traders earn over 25% using Vazubot and we offer a 100% refund on any lost trade.

BTC Price Predictor

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We reward the daily winner with a free $25. The money is added to your trading account and can be withdrawn anytime

Funding your account

You are required to fund your Vazutrade before you start trading with Vazubot. We offer seamless funding options using any bitcoin wallet of your choice. Transfer from your bitcoin wallet to our bitcoin address provided on the depsoit page. Deposits are instantly credited to your Vazutrade account upon confirmation.

Trade with Vazubot

Daily, Vazubot will either buy or sell BTC with 5% of your account balance. You will be required to place a counter trade within 20 mins after you are logged in. If the trade is won, we charge 25% of your profit but if it lost, we refund 100% of your loss to your balance. Every user is entitled to 3 trades daily.


You can withdraw your profit once every 10 days. Withdrawals are processed instantly, funds will appear on your bitcoin wallet within few minutes. There are no limits on the amount that can be withdrawn from your Vazutrade account. Our support staff is available to help with any withdrawal related issues.